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Traffic and Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Did you know? Here at Mariposa we have almost 1,000 students dropped off each day. In order to live as a community of three schools, we have some expectations. Please read the expectations below and review the map provided.

For our Mariposa Community:

  1. Please be courteous of others and obey all traffic signs. Do not park in any of the drop off areas, this is for loading and unloading only.
  2. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to school.
  3. Whenever possible have your kids bike, take the bus, or park farther away and walk to campus. This will alleviate traffic for all of our families who must drive onto our school
  4. If you park in the neighborhood, be courteous and do not block driveways. Please DO NOT drop your child off at school prior to 8:15 in the morning. San Carlos Charter Learning Center (SCCLC) begins at 8:15, there will be lots of traffic coming in and out.
  5. DO NOT line up to pick up your child earlier than 5 minutes before school lets out. This causes a backup that will not help all who are trying to pick up their kids.


If you are coming by Car:

Our drop off circle is at the TOP of the hill across from the new SCLC buildings. This is a drop off circle. Please do not park or stop for any reason! Pull up to the curb and we will have a staff member there prepared to welcome you to our community. Students can then walk down the stairs to our campus.

If you are coming by Bus:

The Samtrans bus drops students off on San Carlos Avenue about 8:05 in the morning. Students will walk on the sidewalk to the school. Mariposa’s walking/rolling entrance is on the side of our school, marked with a large Mariposa Banner. Students will walk there and enter campus. They will then walk directly to the Brown Picnic Tables where supervision will begin at 8:25. Click here for SamTrans bus schedules - Route 61, Route 95, Route 295.

If you are walking or rolling:

When coming onto campus, students will get off their bikes or skateboards when they cross the crosswalk to campus. Students will drop their bicycles off in the bike drop off area on the Tierra Linda Campus and walk AROUND to the entrance on the Mariposa side. Cutting through the TL campus is not allowed.