Mariposa Memo - August 13, 2018


Hello Mariposa 5th Grade Families and Students. Welcome back to school!

Our first day of school is Wednesday, August 22nd, a minimum day-- 8:35-1:25 pm.

We will follow the same start and end times as Tierra Linda. School will begin at 8:35 each day. On M, T, Th, F, we will dismiss with TL students at 3:05. Wednesdays are minimum days, and we will dismiss with the TL students at 1:25. Here is the Mariposa Bell Schedule on our website.

Welcome Week Events

We want to ensure you and your children feel welcome and apart of our growing community. To do so, in partnership with our PTA, we are planning some fun welcome back activities. On Monday, August 20th from 4:30-6:00 pm we welcome you and your children to visit the Mariposa campus and meet other families. The PTA will have some light refreshments and games. On Friday, August 24th at 8:35 am  I will be hosting our first Principal’s Coffee. We will be meeting at our picnic benches outside Room V, our Art in Action room. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know me, our 5th grade program, and hear more about Mariposa.

Mariposa emerges on it’s own campus!

We are happy to tell you, when school opens next week, our 5th grade classrooms and offices will be together in the spaces originally planned as Mariposa School, behind our “living wall”. We are looking forward to a wonderful first year on our own campus site! We will still use the TL/Mariposa Learning Commons and TL/Mariposa Library. As well, our 5th graders will still have TL/Mariposa PE, Music, and Art teachers, as is the plan for our 4/5 Upper Elementary schools. Last Spring during the Heather and Arundel 4th grade visits, your students toured the campus with our Monarch Ambassadors, so we expect your student will quickly know how to get around-- and hopefully will sign up to lead in this year’s Ambassador program!

Safety First!

Please take a moment to read through our Campus Traffic Safety Brochure. We will be sending out the updated brochure later this week. This will help all our families commute to and from school safely and efficiently. Please note: Our 5th grade Monarchs will enter and depart Mariposa from their new drop off circle on the upper campus. In an effort to begin our process of becoming our own school, we ask that you drop your child off on the upper circle. Students who are walking or taking the bus will enter from our side gate.

Mariposa’s Back to School Night is 6:30-8:00 pm, August 29th-- separate from TL’s.

We will take time to share our goals and explain our programs at Mariposa’s own Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 29th. This event is for parents only. Please join me in the Mariposa/TL Learning Commons at 6:30 pm, before visiting in your students’ classrooms with their teachers from 7:00-8:00 pm. Please note: To give teachers time to prepare for this night, Tuesday, August 28th is also a minimum day.

Mariposa Classrooms and Teachers

Our 5th graders will be in six classrooms at Mariposa. We have five returning 5th grade teachers, and one new-to-Mariposa teacher, all of whom are very experienced educators excited to teach upper elementary students at our school. In alphabetical order, they are Mr. Ray Dawley, Ms. Gina Goulet, Ms. Sarah Koh, Ms. Rachel Mein, Ms. Lisa Piety, and Ms. Heygie Raquinio. We would also like to welcome our new Education Specialist, Ms. Liz Green to our campus. She will be working collaboratively with our teachers to support all learners. 

Your child’s classroom assignment will be emailed to you at 4:00 pm this Friday, August 17th.  Please refer to our Class Placement policy on our website. Please note, no changes will be made to class placements in the first 10 days of school.

Mariposa Principal and Secretary

Our Mariposa Office is located in the second wing of our new campus, upon entering the land of the Monarchs from our new entrance, walk to the second corridor and turn right. Look for our marquee at the doorway. There, students and families will be greeted by Mariposa’s School Secretary, Ms. Gina Tosetti This is where you will sign in to volunteer, check your students in and out of school, drop things off, or visit with me.

Morning Duty, Recess, and Lunch

Once on campus, students are to come straight to Mariposa and gather on their classroom patios until Morning Supervision begins on our Upper Playground from 8:10-8:30 am -- when the first bell rings.

Mid-morning they will enjoy a 20 minute morning recess. Students should bring a healthy snack to school each day. Later they will have a 40 minute lunch: 20 minutes of eating at our own outdoor eating space, and 20 minutes of play time. Mariposa staff covers our before-school supervision and morning recess, and a team of SMART-E and Legarza Noontime coaches supervise our lunchtimes, just as they did at Heather and Arundel.

If you send a lunch from home, please consider reusable containers, and take a moment to review with your students what parts of their lunch waste will go to landfill, recycle, or compost when they are finished eating at school. To register with our Lunch Vendor and begin selecting lunches for your student, please visit our School Lunch Program webpage.

Daily Instruction

Mariposa students will receive instruction in self-contained classrooms, much as they did in 4th grade, but with neighboring teachers collaborating closely to support their students in a variety of groupings. In addition to instruction in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social/Emotional Learning (the Second Step Curriculum), students will also have PE twice a week, and either Band, Orchestra, or Fine Arts– with TL specialist teachers. These special classes will alternate on M, T, Th, and F. Mariposa 5th grades will also participate in the Music For Minors Choir program on Wednesdays. Currently we are in the process of building our Maker’s Space, and we hope to add this into our excited programming this year. We are very excited to be part of all of these exceptional programs with your students!


Measuring and Reporting Progress

Student progress towards standards will be shared on Upper Elementary report cards, which look similar to those your 4th grade students received this year. Traditional letter grading no longer begins in 5th grade in our district. All 5th grade parents will be asked to attend parent/teacher conferences during the week of October 22-26th. This week M-F will be minimum days, to allow for conferences, with student released at 1:25 pm. Please make a note of it!

Cell Phone Policy: Supporting our culture of social development

Please plan ahead with your fifth grader. As part of our culture, we expect students to be fully present in the moment, be aware of their environment and each other, even to happily cross the playground to speak with one another. To promote these behaviors, cell phones must be turned off, and be out of sight in backpacks, once students arrive on campus. If a student needs to reach you, or you need to reach them, we will use the school phones: (650) 832-4201. Please create a contact for Mariposa on your own cell phones, so you recognize us if we call you, thank you!

Reinforcing Expected Behaviors Home and School

Our culture promotes behaviors that are Responsible (aware that our choices affect others), Respectful (considerate of others’ perspectives), Supportive (inclusive, kind, and upstanding), and Safe (aware of our surroundings, making safe choices). Please consider using this language when you work with your students at home this year, thank you!

We look forward to working with you and your students at Mariposa!


Alexandra Friel, Principal