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TL/Mariposa Math Club

Dear Mariposa and TL Parents:


Math Club is back this year, and is now open to all Mariposa and TL students. While no official registration is necessary, please email Marc Zafferano ( with the name of your student and grade if your student would like to attend.


The Club meets on alternate Wednesdays right after school for 30-40 minutes in TL Learning Commons. Fourth and fifth graders from Mariposa will attend Group #1, starting on October 23. Please note, fourth grade will meet on a trial basis. TL students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades will attend Group #2 starting on October 30. Meeting dates for the school year will be listed on the Math Club website (go to “For Students” on the Mariposa and TL sites and select “Math Club”), which will be updated shortly.


Activities are based on providing an age-appropriate introduction to the most interesting mathematical ideas and how math concepts apply in our daily lives. Liking or being proficient at math is not required or even necessary. Check out the “Activities” portion of the Math Club website for details about the exciting topics kids will explore.


Parents are welcome to attend any session; no advance notice is necessary. If any parents would like to tell the kids how they use math in their daily lives, please contact Marc at the email address above to make arrangements.


Math Club Meeting Dates - Group 1:


Wed, 10/23 (Location: TL Learning Commons)

Wed, 11/6

Wed, 11/20

Wed, 12/11

Wed, 1/8

Wed, 1/22

Wed, 2/5

Wed, 2/26

Wed, 3/11

Wed, 3/25

Wed, 4/15

Wed, 4/29

Wed, 5/20

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