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5th Grade Teaching Team

Brianna Lopez
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I have been a full time teacher one year, last year here at Tierra Linda in 5th grade. Before that, I student taught in a 1st grade placement, which lead me to teaching incoming 2nd graders during summer school.
  • Outside of school, I love spending time with my dog, Toby. His favorite game is fetch so we spend a lot of time at the park. I enjoying running and participating in RunDisney events.
Carol Scannell
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I have been teaching 17 years in the San Carlos School District. I have taught 7th grade math at CMS, 7th grade math at TL, and 5th grade ELA and History at TL.
  • I love spending time with my husband, children and extended family! I also enjoy having fun with friends. I appreciate the time for walking, watching the waves at the beach, beading, doing puzzles, playing games, taking time to relax, trying to learn how to play the violin, travel (when possible), and a little bit of everything else!
Gina Goulet
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I have been a teacher for 12 years. I have spent the last 12 years teaching 4th & 5th grade for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, out of Danville.
  • Every single moment of free time I have, I enjoy hiking/adventuring with my dogs in our local “open space.” I also adore spending time with my son, Julien, who is a Health/Physical Education teacher in Fremont, whenever possible.
Heygie Mae Raquinio
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I have been teaching for 7 years and I feel very proud. I started out as a PE teacher for 5th and 6th grade in Los Angeles. Then in the following years, I’ve focused in teaching 6th grade Math and Science at charter schools in Los Angeles and San Jose.
  • When I am not teaching, I help my husband take care of adults with disabilities. I am also a newbie triathlete and have joined a few sprint triathlons and runs. Swimming and jogging definitely keep me upbeat and re-energized. Finally, I love to shop. It is my primary stress reliever. 🙂
Lisa Piety
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I’ve been a teacher for 16 years. (In between years 5 and 6, I had 11 years off at home with my two boys.) I’ve taught 3rd and 4th grades in Redwood City; 7th and 8th grades Math and Science in Thousand Oaks, CA; 6th grade Language Arts and Math at Tierra Linda; and 5th grade Math, Science, and History at Tierra Linda.
  • I love driving off-road in my Jeep to reach out-of-the-way trails to hike. During baseball season, I enjoy cheering on my favorite team: the Los Angeles Dodgers!
Rachel Mein
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I’ve been a teacher for four years. I taught at Belmont Oaks Academy in second and fifth grades, and I’m in my second year at Tierra Linda teaching fifth.
  • I love to hike, travel, and crafting. I enjoy cooking almost as much as I love eating. Reading is my passion and I hope to inspire that same passion in my students.
Sarah Koh
5th Grade Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I have been teaching for 20 years and love it more than ever! I have have taught grades 3rd-8th in three different states: California, Indiana, and Massachusetts. I particularly love grades 4th & 5th! I’m very excited to join the staff at Mariposa.
  • I love spending time with my family, visiting museums and bookstores (the few that are left). I am particularly passionate about travel. Just this past summer my husband and I visited Southern France, Spain and Portugal.
Jennifer Xavier
Art, Mariposa @ Tierra Linda.
  • I’ve been teaching for over 30 years (it’s hard to believe that myself, & I absolutely love it!). I started out teaching in SF when I was working towards my credential at SFSU. I taught 6th grade in Pacifica, 4th grade at Brittan Acres and I've been at Tierra Linda ever since it reopened! My extensive experience and love of art has led me to my current position as Art teacher.
  • My passions, outside of my own artistic pursuits, include being a faithful Giants’ fan, getting out to watch concerts or musicals, and cooking. I spend most of my free time looking after my elderly father, but also love to spend time with friends to enjoy nature and take in all the fun events all around SF, my home.
Joe Murphy
Music, Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I’ve been teaching music for 17 years. I began teaching music as an Assistant Band Director at La Canada High/Middle School. I just completed my 12th year as the band director at Tierra Linda Middle School. I also run my own summer music camps and run a private music studio in Belmont.
  • I love competing in obstacle course races such as Spartan Races and Tough Mudders. I have recently been able to enjoy my hobby with my oldest son Dylan.
Jason Scatena
Physical Education, Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I’ve been teaching for 17 years. I’ve taught kindergarten through 12th grade on the Peninsula, in both private and public schools. With credentials in History and Physical Education, I’ve had the opportunity to work with students in multiple areas of education.
  • I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys, coaching Cross Country, and traveling.
Jennelle Blazek
Physical Education, Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • This is my second year at TL and my 13th year overall.
  • I love riding my bike, all sports, and volunteering at Peninsula Humane Society. A fun fact about me is that I taught PE for 3 years in Dalian, China and 3 years in Istanbul, Turkey
Simmi Hejmadi
5th Grade RSP Teacher, Mariposa @ Tierra Linda
  • I began as a SPED teacher in Mumbai, India back in 1997. I just completed four years as a paraeducator in SCSD. In India, my teaching focus was study strategies across all academic domains, organizational skills and time management, as well as behavior intervention. I moved to the US with my family in 2010 and joined SCSD as a middle school paraeducator in 2013.
  • I love photography, hiking and music! I haven’t done much singing or playing any instruments lately, but I absolutely enjoy watching and listening to my 13 year old aspiring musician of a daughter :). I also enjoy my husband’s cooking (he’s a good cook), which he has to do a lot of these days since I am a part-time student as well.